Virginie Ouk – Guest Chef

Virginie Ouk – Guest Chef

We’re thrilled to host talented chef Virigine Ouk for her first residency at Sessius1622!

22 – 28 July 2024

  • Dinner: 19:00 – 21:00 hrs
  • Brunch (27 and 28 only): 11:30-13:00

A journey to Cambodia

Virginie will accompany guests on a discovery of traditional Cambodian dishes and of her childhood memories, with unexpected and genuine pairings that suggest moments, scents, sensations of Cambodia, her country of birth.


Tasting samples 6-piece – €16.50

  • 3 Pork or chicken or vegetable nems
  • 3 Fried ravioli with pork and prawns or vegetables and prawns

Chicken and Prawn Spring Rolls 2 pieces – €13.50

Mango and prawn salad – €16.50

Sautéed chicken with lemongrass, galanga, kefir and chilli – €24.00

Crying Tiger, Tamarind Sauce, Pickel – €32.00

Cambodian pancakes 2 pieces – € 27.50

(Minced pork and shrimp filling, coconut milk, rice flour egg, peanut sauce)

Thai basil mussels with tamarind sauce – €23.00

Plain Jasmine rice – €4.50

Desserts :

5 Jacquier fruits, coconut milk / €10.00

Melon, Tapioca pearls, coconut milk / € 10.00

Admission: We welcome children who can enjoy the same menu of the adults.

Info and reservations: please note that reservation is mandatory. Email us at for more information.

Virginie Ouk was born in Phnom Penh, where she lived for many years. A mother of 3, she was forced to leave her country for France in 1979.

Since then, she has had several jobs, but has retained her taste for the cuisine of her homeland, which she has shared first with her family to anchor her ancestral roots, then with her circle of friends and acquaintances… and finally with guests who appreciate the mix of tastes and oriental flavours revisited.

In 2019, Virginie decided to set up her own catering business SISOPHON, choosing the same name of her mother’s home town in Cambodia and her source of inspiration.

Generous and spontaneous, Virginie Ouk blends modern techniques with traditional Cambodian flavours.

About Virginie Ouk

Franco-Cambodian chef Virginie Ouk was born in Phnom Penh and has spent more than 40 years in Lyon, the world capital of French gastronomy. From very young age Virginie was passionate about cooking and was immersed in the vibrant aromas and flavors of Cambodian cuisine. In her family the passion for cooking passed down from mother to daughter.