Paolo Casanova Private Chef

Paolo Casanova Private Chef

Chef Paolo Casanova will host twelve guests for an exclusive dinner to enjoy his cuisine. Guests will sit together at a large banquet table to socialize and network while listening to Paolo’s anecdotes and insights.

Dinner – 13 and 14 September

The dinner includes:

  • Welcome drink
  • 5-course dinner

Price: € 160 per guest

Cooking school – 14 September

Paolo Casanova will work with four guests on the topic of cooking with wild herbs. More information on the content of the class will be available soon.


  • 11:00 – Arrival and introductions
  • 11:15 – Learning and cooking session
  • 14:15 – Tasting session.

Price: € 250 per participant

Admission: We welcome guests over 14 years old. We enjoy pets but due to logistic constraints, we will not be able to welcome them at this event.

Info and reservations: email for more information and reservations.

Cancellation policy:

  • 10 days before the event: full payment refunded.
  • Less than 10 days before the event: no refund.

Purchasing an experience such as a dinner with a private chef is equivalent to buying a ticket to any event, theatre or concert. The work involved in preparing all events has considerable costs, which is why we count on your understanding if we are unable to refund bookings cancelled less than 14 days before the event. However, you are welcome to contact us for other options.

About Paolo Casanova

Paolo Casanova was born in 1981 in Veneto, Italy, into a family of hoteliers and restaurateurs for two generations.

From an early age he breathed in the smell of soffritto and fresh pasta and started working in the kitchen in 1996. In 2016, he and his wife opened their restaurant Stüva Colani in Madulain, Switzerland.

Respect for the raw materials

In the Colani kitchen, ingredients are processed with care and respect, paying particular attention to flavour combinations.

Casanova is a great believer in teamwork and the involvement of people in projects. In fact, the Colani team is a true orchestra in which each element moves in balance and communicates the harmony that shines through in the dishes.

The rhythm of nature

The strong link with the land and nature, respected in its rhythms and cycles, is for Paolo Casanova, a source of continuous inspiration.

Each season has its own wild herbs and fruits that enter the dishes, infusing them with love and respect for nature itself.

The ingredients available, e.g. lichen in April, dandelion in May, thyme and all wild herbs, and local mushrooms in September enrich his recipes, keeping alive this close link with the land and marking its rhythm. His research has led him to recognise 90 types of wild herbs, pine cones, roots, flowers, a pool of ingredients that stimulates his creativity.


His relationship with technique – understood as the means to get his dishes to the desired level – and knowledge of it, is always alive and attentive.

In his kitchen, one ferments, churns, stuffs, bakes, harvests, distils, and creates. This is a natural path that allows to master new techniques and gives more and more opportunities to express cooking in an extremely personal way.

Territory and beyond

The abundance of local resources has not stopped the search and in fact the team has broadened its horizons, using products from all over the world in the kitchen.

This makes it possible to offer guests endless combinations of taste, without ever straying from its philosophy and ensuring diners an ‘all-round’ taste experience from appetisers to desserts.